Proyectos en Ejecución


Proyectos Adjudicados

  • Agricultura fotovoltaica: ahorrar agua produciendo energía. Proyecto FIC del Gobierno Regional de Coquimbo. Fecha de partida: Mayo 2018


Proyectos Coinvestigación

  • Hydraulic response and carbon balance of Tamarugo (Prosopis tamarugo PHIL.) under water stress. Advances in the knowledge of the mechanisms of survival and mortality of Tamarugo. 2016 – 2019. Investigador Principal: Edmundo Acevedo, Universidad de Chile.
  • Rootstocks influence in grapevine water use efficiency and drought tolerance. Are these processes orchestrated by common or specific mechanisms? 2014 –2018.Investigador Principal: Andrés Zurita, INIA-Intihuasi.
  • Drought effect on the physiology of grapevines: towards a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in damage, resistance, reversibility and yield components of the following season. 2014 – 2017. Investigador Principal: Claudio Pastenes, Universidad de Chile.


Proyectos Finalizados